About Election 2015 analysis

The remit of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) is to use rigorous economic analysis to inform the public debate. The overriding aim of this work – funded by the Nuffield Foundation – is to ensure that political and public debate in the run up to the 2015 election is informed by high-quality empirical evidence.

To help inform public debate around the 2015 UK general election, the IFS will publish a set of briefing notes examining the government’s record in a number of key economic and social policy areas, alongside analysis of the manifesto proposals put forward by the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats. These will cover both the government’s record and analysis of proposals put forward by the major political parties, encompassing all areas of analysis where IFS researchers are uniquely placed to offer analysis. We will use Observations to analyse issues that arise during the campaign.

This 2015 general election website contains analysis organised by topic area, comprising both research published during the campaign and existing IFS work relevant to specific debates.

The analysis produced will cover both ‘backward-looking’ and ‘forward-looking’ analysis. Backward-looking analysis will examine how policy and society have changed under the coalition government, and how this has impacted on households, the economy and wider society (to the extent that we can assess these impacts).

The forward-looking analysis will cover the policies put forward by the main UK political parties in their election manifestos. We will detail the major policies proposed across key areas, their advantages and disadvantages, and their potential impact on households and the wider economy. In addition, we will set out some of the key fiscal challenges that are likely to be faced by an incoming government, and the degree to which manifesto proposals address them.

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